A healthy recipe for autumn

Recipe for Chicken soup

Chicken soup is a soothing, comforting and easily digested broth, the perfect food for nourishing the blood, spleen and kidneys, strengthens the qi and immunity, making it a great tonic for women after their period and anyone in need of a boost or those convalescing.

The secret for a more  nourishing and flavoursome soup is long, gentle cooking which extracts more nutrients from the bones, hence it makes sense to use the bones from the whole carcass as opposed to buying jointed pieces and cook it for as long as possible.  You will NEVER produce a good stock if you just use chicken meat without the bones.

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Your Health In Autumn

We have been so spoilt recently with some fantastic and unusually warm weather that it’s easy to forget that  colder weather is inevitable.


If our bodies are not prepared for this change or we don’t adjust our “summer habits” i.e. walking around barefoot, going out with wet or damp hair, bare legs, bare midriffs, not protecting your very vulnerable neck area, and generally not sufficient clothing, plus additional stress and maybe exposure to already ill people, then we have the makings of a cold or flu.

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Acupuncture Therapy in Leigh-on-Sea

Leigh-on-Sea, sometimes referred to by the nickname Leigh, is a small town near Essex on the southeastern side of England. The population in Leigh-on-Sea, as reported in the 2001 census, was 20,737. This British coastal town was recently ranked as the second-best place to live on the shores of England. Leigh-on-Sea was originally a port town, due to its proximity to London, and fishing is still a big part of resident’s lifestyle. What was once a major shipping destination is now a quiet little fishing village.

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