Your Health In Autumn

We have been so spoilt recently with some fantastic and unusually warm weather that it’s easy to forget that  colder weather is inevitable.


If our bodies are not prepared for this change or we don’t adjust our “summer habits” i.e. walking around barefoot, going out with wet or damp hair, bare legs, bare midriffs, not protecting your very vulnerable neck area, and generally not sufficient clothing, plus additional stress and maybe exposure to already ill people, then we have the makings of a cold or flu.


The Chinese have long known that even if completely healthy, a “seasonal Acupuncture treatment” at the change of the season helps them to stay that way.


If you happen to have started a cold already, runny nose, sneezing, shivering followed usually by a sore throat and cough, then acupuncture is very good to stop the cold from taking hold and getting a lot worse.


This is also the time of year to adjust the temperature of our food from too much cold and raw food, too many cold drinks with ice etc., to warmer more easily digestible food like warming soups and stews. Warmer foods require less digestion, give us more energy and nourishes our spleen.

One of the best foods at this time of year is chicken soup, valued since ancient times for its strengthening and nourishing effects, and also very good as an aid to recovery from many illnesses.

So, if you would you like to avoid that dreaded cold/flu this autumn, feel free to print off the enclosed recipe, keep it handy in the kitchen and once you’ve tasted it and experienced its benefit, I am sure it will become a favourite.

If you would like a seasonal treatment or you feel you are starting a cold, do give me a ring to book an appointment.

Tel: 01702 478559

Wishing you a healthy autumn

Rita Halstead Lic.Ac., MBAcC, MGNI






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